Every aspect of an Elan project enters our unique planning and design process, developed from our commitment to fulfilling the desires and needs of the user.

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Architect review the client's program and budget; Interview the client/user lengthily.

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Site Analysis

Site Analysis

Prior to the design process, architects analyze the constraints and opportunities of the site, soils, utilities, zoning restrictions, privacy concerns, and vegetation. Complete photographic documentation and mapping of all elements.

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Schematic Design

Schematic Design

Architects initiate the process with site circulation studies. Second, internal space relationships studies are done. Once these relationships are established, exterior design ideas are brainstormed. Sincere attempts are made to draw upon the rich local history and traditions that exist in an area.

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Design Development

Design Development Phase

This is the "bridge" to developing construction documents. Engineering and cost consultants review the design drawing and give their input. As they begin to layout their specialized systems, adjustments are quickly needed to accommodate the systems, while still preserving the design intentions..

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Working Drawing

Construction Documents Phase

Building components detailing and materials specifications provide consistency, clarity and reinforcement of the conceptual design established earlier. These documents' accurately complete and strengthen the overall design while fulfilling clients' needs.

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Construction Administration

Construction Administration Phase

Invariably the design process to continue into the construction phase, with important opportunities to strengthen the design. The contractor and tradesman frequently are the source of creative ideas which can improve the ultimate design. Photographic documents are made to record the proper execution. Construction progress reports filed to clients in a timely manner.


Elan’s services require an integrated team approach consisting of the architect, the client, consulting engineers, estimators and the general contractor or construction administrator.

Elan Architect focuses on its ability to maintain a clear and timely communication between the team members, assuring the success of a project.

Elan’s innovative design solution, together with clearly defined construction documents and our technical expertise ensures successful completion on a time and on budget.

Design Approach

Observe, collect, enumerate, and interpret physical data into conceptual designs.

Since the investigative process is scientific, we see conceptual design as an artistic expression of pertinent data. Simultaneously, these conceptual solutions also represent user’s important psychological and perceptive needs. This collective understanding and resolution in a “conceptual idea” of the physical environment in context is our approach of understanding design process.

Elan’s primary objective is to artfully organize this information by means of logic, planning, and creativity to arrive at a satisfactory solution of the user’s physical environment.